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Optimizing Techniques In WordPress SEO

ROSYID TEKNIK | Optimizing Techniques In WordPress SEO. In the previous post "ROSYID TEKNIK" has been written about the "How to Watch Live TV Online in Ubuntu" and also about "How to Install Theme in Ubuntu Firefox" well now "optimizing techniques in wordpress seo" will write an article about seo wordpress seo optimization rather WordPress SEO is a must when we want to blog and wordpress based website we can compete in the search engines Google and others. Where is your favorite place to store the keyword or keywords? by Perfecto WP Plugin, there are 10 places you should use as a medium of storing your magic keywords in order to mendongkrat SERP and boost your WordPress article link in the search engines. What are they? Remember, these keywords must be in 10 th place so that the result PERFERCTO or Perfect for improving our WordPress SEO.

Optimizing Techniques In Wordpress SEO

  1. Title or titles. Make the headers that contain the keywords you are targeting. If you want to write about wordpress, the title must contain the word you use wordpress or wordpress you have to write the word as part of the title phrase. Title is what will boost SEO in your articles.

  2. Meta description. If you use wordpress theme is cool, of course SEO theme contains details including the meta description. Meta description is contained on page SEO details, along with a custom title tags, meta keywords, and its function is to explain the broader title or titles that you use in the article.

  3. Meta keywords. If the title we already contains a keyword, and understanding has been done in the meta description, meta keywords then this could increase the power of your wordpress SEO, by developing a long-tail keywords. What is the long tail? SEO experts will always move with the niche by placing a long tail or long tail keywords that are targeted towards. Example of long tail keywords are: wordpress SEO for internet marketing (usually a combination of 3 or more keywords).

  4. Keyword (keywords) at the beginning of the paragraph. Please check the beginning of this sentence paragraph, if it contains keywords? I target in this article is a WordPress SEO keywords. You can see it at the beginning of the sentence on the top right? Well, you also have to do the same thing if you want to be a winner in the SEO competition. But remember, the article could be written to be read by humans. That is, we hrus making sentences readable, so that visitors happy to linger in the blog and our website.

  5. Keywords at the end of the paragraph. The article begins by targeted keywords should be ended as well with the same keywords, the search engine google so happy. SERP will be increased sharply when you add the keyword phrase at the end of your article. For example, I write another word that WordPress SEO SERP good and I added my articles get indexed well in google, and gave me a huge traffic.

  6. Keywords density of 2%. The thickness of the keywords in the article we have more than two percent (2%). Why? In order machines wp wordpress seo results perfecto seekers can affirm that we are targeting keywords that actually exist in every paragraph of our article. In this article, I shall diligently writing WordPress SEO keyword density keywords in order to get through 2%.
    "optimizing techniques in wordpress seo" will write an article about seo wordpress seo optimization rather WordPress SEO is a must when we want to blog and wordpress based website we can compete in the search engines Google and others.

  7. Keyword internal linking. Good back links are back links that we build internally. That is, in the article, there are at least 10 back link to our old article, that happens a great turnaround. This is favored by the Google search engine. Why do I call this a good back link? First, the internal back links for free, do not pay, so long as we are diligent associate one with the other articles in the blog and our website.

    Secondly, we also learn to observe the right keywords can be made for internal linking. We can also make the internal linking of the articles we write this same article.

    Exactly you can check the link I made in this paragraph. Target keywords SEO WordPress I still know! How do? Easy anyway, I have finished writing this article, then I publish. I find it at the top permalink (web address), and my copy. Then I edited the article, I select my target keywords, block and insert link, then press update. it's done, so internal linking me to the same article.

  8. Keyword bold / underline in the article, at least one. Well on top of existing keywords that I make bold huh? Now I will make underline version of WordPress SEO keywords. it's done. This method is also SEO optimization for wordpress. Remember, SEO is a lot of way, and there are easy but some are hard. You choose which one?

  9. Image ALT - keyword tag. If your blog is always to use images, make your image ALT for the link and enter your keywords in there. You can see above, I put the picture of the product Perfecto WP plugin to improve my WordPress SEO, and I made her ALT tag keywords and internally.

  10. Minimum 850 words. Now this is heavy. 850 words could write all day is not it. This article has not yet reached 850 words you know. Maybe I should be diligent WordPress SEO keyword typed up an even 850 words ya later. What if you are not the type of person who likes to write long-winded sentences? This could be a dilemma huh. And we want to be able to perfect score on the Google search engine.

  11. How the heck can we know to this point 10? How do I check all these points? Actually there is a plugin that is sold in the Warrior Special Offer, to check all of our SEO work. My name has been mentioned above, the WP Perfecto. If you are interested can buy HERE, and unfortunately there is no affiliate system, so I can not get a referral commission WordPress SEO. 

    Quite so first I wrote about 10 Ways to improve WordPress SEO, hopefully useful to you.


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